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Windshield Washer Pump

**Note: For 1995-1996 993 Models that have not been updated, also use the following parts:

1x 999-650-190-40 Washer Pump Plug Housing
2x 999-652-871-22 Electrical Connector for Plug Housing
2x 999-704-161-40 Grommet for Plug Housing

Reference Part Number: 996-628-172-00
Manufacturer: Continental/Siemens/VDO (OEM)
Manufacturer Part Number: 246.082/008/025G

Vehicle Fitment

Model Engine Years Fuel System Option Qty Required Comments
993 3.6 1995-1996 FI 1 **See Notes
993 3.6 1997-1998 FI 1
Boxster All 1997-2004 FI 1
996 All 1999-2005 FI 1
Carrera GT 5.7 2004-2006 FI 1