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Genuine Porsche 986-504-986-00

Boxster Red Alarm Clip

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  • Boxster Red Alarm Clip
  • This clip installs in the cavity where the convertible top latches on the windshield frame. Once snapped in, this simple device fools your alarm into thinking the convertible top is in the up position and keeps the motion sensors enabled. In case someone reaches inside the car or any movement is detected inside the car, this will set off the alarm.

    Reference Part Number: 986-504-986-00
    Manufacturer: Genuine Porsche

    Model Engine Years Fuel System Option Qty Required Comments
    Boxster 2.5 1997-1999 FI   1  
    Boxster 2.7 2000-2004 FI   1  
    Boxster S 3.2 2000-2004 FI   1  
    Boxster 2.7 2005-2008 FI   1  
    Boxster S 3.2 2005-2006 FI   1  
    Boxster S 3.4 2007-2008 FI   1