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WARNING: Scammer in Canada running fake 5150MOTORSPORT website. Click to read more.
WARNING: Scammer in Canada running fake website - Click to read more.

Porsche 993 Replacement Fog Light Lens - Right Front

Up until now, if your 993 fog light lens was cracked, pitted or damaged, the only (pricey) option was to replace the complete assembly with a new factory unit.

We are proud to offer new replacement lenses from Hella at a fraction of the fog light unit. With a little patience this DIY project can easily be completed over a weekend.


You will need:

- Razor blade
- Screw driver or small dremel to cut through the old adhesive
- Small hammer
- Clear silicone/adhesive

Your original lens is glued on from the factory with a strong adhesive, so you will need some patience to remove the lens and glue without cracking the housing.

Your first option is to break the glass with a small hammer to remove the old glass. Break off all the glass pieces carefully and remove the old glue with a flat screw driver and a razor blade.

CAUTION: Some customers  have cracked the housing while trying to pry off the old glass by putting too much pressure. Keep this in mind if you use too much force the housing will break!!

Refurbishing the old housing:

More than likely the inside of your housing will be discolored; you should take some time to clean it up nicely and spray paint the inside once the old lens off. Keep masking tape, primer and spray paint handy - most customers spray paint the inside of the housing in silver or chrome because of the added reflection.

Once you have removed the old lens, glue and you spray painted your old housing you are ready to glue in the new lens by using a strong waterproof adhesive such as Loctite, 3M etc.

Reference Part Number: 993-631-082-00-LNS
Manufacturer: Hella

Note: Keep in mind the stamps on these are not the same as they were 25 years ago.

Vehicle Fitment

Model Engine Years Fuel System Option Qty Required Comments
993 Carrera 3.6 1995-1998 FI   1 Right Front
993 Carrera 4 3.6 1995-1998 FI   1 Right Front
993 Carrera 4S 3.6 1996-1998 FI   1 Right Front
993 Targa 3.6 1996-1998 FI   1 Right Front
993 Turbo 3.6 1996-1997 FI   1 Right Front
993 Turbo S 3.6 1997 FI   1 Right Front
993 Carrera S 3.6 1998 FI   1 Right Front