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Hood or Decklid Rubber Buffer

Note: Check vehicle applications tab for fitment details.

Reference Part Number: 9P1-823-499
Supersedes Part Number(s): 999-703-140-40, 999-703-036-50, 999-703-140-41
Manufacturer: OE SUPPLIER

Vehicle Fitment

Model Engine Years Fuel System Option Qty Required Comments
911 All 1965-1989 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
912 All 1965-1969 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
914 All 1970-1976 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
912E All 1976 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
911 Turbo All 1976-1989 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
928 All 1978-1982 FI As Needed Hood/Hatch
928 All 1983-1995 FI As Needed Hood
944 S2 All 1989-1991 FI As Needed Cabrio Rear Lid
964 All 1989-1994 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
968 All 1992-1995 FI As Needed Hood/Cabrio Rear Lid
993 All 1995-1998 FI As Needed Hood
Boxster All 1997-2004 FI As Needed Hood/Rear Lid
996 All 1999-2005 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
996 Turbo All 2001-2005 FI As Needed Hood
996 GT3 All 2004-2005 FI As Needed Hood
997 All 2005-2012 FI As Needed Hood/Decklid
997 Turbo All 2007-2013 FI As Needed Hood
997 GT3 All 2007-2011 FI As Needed Hood
991 All 2012-2016 FI As Needed Hood
Boxster All 2005-2016 FI As Needed Hood
Cayman All 2006-2016 FI As Needed Hood
Panamera All 2010-2014 FI As Needed Hood