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WARNING: Scammer in Canada running fake 5150MOTORSPORT website. Click to read more.
WARNING: Scammer in Canada running fake website - Click to read more.

Factory Engine Center Mount with Bracket

Note: Check vehicle applications tab for fitment details - On 1997-2004 Boxsters when replacing the complete mount with bracket assembly, it may be necessary to update to 8 mm thick side spacers, part number 9A1-375-257-01 (2 required).

Reference Part Number: 987-375-023-05
Supersedes Part Number: 986-375-023-03, 986-375-023-04, 986-375-023-05, 986-375-023-07, 986-375-123-03, 987-375-023-02, 987-375-023-03, 987-375-023-04, 996-375-055-03
Manufacturer: Genuine Porsche

Vehicle Fitment

Model Engine Years Fuel System Option Qty Required Comments
986 Boxster All 1997-2004 All   1 Center (see notes)
987 Boxster All 2005-2008 All   1 Center
987 Cayman All 2006-2008 All   1 Center